Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are pharmaceutical sales jobs in such high demand?

    Pharmaceutical sales careers have consistently ranked among the most rewarding careers in Pakistan. It is common facts that pharmaceutical companies treat their sales representatives exceptionally well. Most companies offer excellent salary package with commissions and outstanding benefits, its packages including company car or Motor cycle etc. The extra perks include bonuses, incentive, cash prizes, and all expense paid trips to national and some-time international tourist destinations. The fact that you don't have a boss to report to on a daily basis is an added perk!

  • I have no sales experience/I am a recent university graduate. Do I still have a chance?

    Yes, you do have a chance. Approximately 15% of all new hires have no sales or pharmaceutical industry related experience and some employer (Pharmaceutical companies) prefer to hire fresh graduates. They hire from all backgrounds including, D. Pharm (Doctor of Pharmacy), B. Pharmacy

    (Bachelor of Pharmacy), B.Sc (Bachelor of Science), BCS Bachelor Of Computer Science), B.A (Bachelor Of Arts/Humanities) ,B.Com(Bachelor of Commerce), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and marketing professionals etc. Some companies prefer sales experience but it is not a pre-requirement. Generally, most companies allow their managers to make most of the hiring decisions. They usually recruit the proven leaders and achievers as well as people who can converse well and listen well.

  • How do I can find Job?

    The key to breaking into pharmaceutical sales is to work hard at getting in. Remember that you have a lot of competition. If you want to succeed, you have to work at getting noticed and you must cover all your bases. First and foremost, start with an outstanding resume. Consider professional assistance if this is not your area of expertise: If you produce your own resume, be sure to ask family, friends, and professionals in the business to critique it for you. Once your resume is the best that it can be, get it out there. It's got a lot of work to do! Post it on job boards. Send it to recruiters. Bring it with you to career fairs. Reply to ads with it. Mail it out to the human resources departments of companies that interest you and don't forget that newspaper classified ads still exist. Tell everyone that you are pursuing a pharmaceutical sales position (you never know, a friend of a friend might have a great lead for you). And last but not least, follow the advice in my book, 3 Days to a Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview. It will show you exactly what you need to do to secure interviews.

  • I have posted my resume on MRCP career websites and I have not got any interview call ---- Why?

    Impactful, online resumes require you follow a separate set of rules from the traditional, printed resume. Refer to the e-resumes section of Career book and review Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview, for guidance. If you follow the suggestions for online impact, you will have more success arranging interviews than if you were to simply post your resume online. In pharmaceutical industry, posting resume on jobsites or MRCP website it is necessary to customize your C.V according to Vacancy advertisement. You can't assume that companies and recruiters will come to you by just sending a C.V .You should also follow personal contact if possible.

  • I don't have a bachelor's degree. Will my sales experience compensate for my lack of degree?

    In exceptional case pharmaceutical companies consider candidate without bachelor degree only on the basis of sales experience but it is not matter of routine. In general, pharmaceutical companies can afford to be very selective simply because of the number of applicants per opening and many are required to hire degreed applicants for liability reasons. Most companies have a bachelor degree requirement. In some instances, managers will consider sales achievements in lieu of the bachelor degree but this is much more often the case in openings that offer more of a commission based salary. If you feel you have an exceptional resume and decide to pursue this field with less than a bachelor degree, keep in mind that your job search may take longer than the norm and you may have very limited success.

  • Is there any age limit to start career in pharmaceutical sales?

    Pharmaceutical companies hire from all age groups usually prefer young energetic, dynamic candidates however some of the top positions are experienced professionals. Keep in mind that most of the physicians you will be calling on are in their 40's and older. The philosophy of some companies and managers is that an older representative can relate on a more personal level with the physician and can also hold a more mature and meaningful conversation. There are many representatives out there who are in their twenties but that are the exception rather than the rule.

  • Do I need a science degree to break into pharmaceutical sales?

    No. Pharmaceutical companies hire people with backgrounds that range from accounting to zoology. As a rule, all of the science that one needs to succeed in this industry is taught during the initial training period.

  • Why will pharmaceutical companies hire English majors over Biology majors at times?

    A science background is great but it doesn't guarantee that the person can sell. An English major with an exceptional GPA and an outstanding personality is a great potential hire. Chances are that she or he will excel in sales training and their personality will help them reach their sales goals.

  • What are the entry-level requirements for a Pharmaceutical Sales/Medical representative?

    Normally Bachelor level degree preferably with science background is considered basic entry level academic requirement.

  • How important is my resume?

    Your resume is a critical component of your job search: It is not uncommon for managers to receive 100 of resumes for one advertised job opening. You have to give some time and attention to your resume if you want to get attention in this ocean of applicants .If you are going to hire a professional to prepare your resume, do your research before hiring one.