Objectives of Medical Representatives Certified Program - MRCP

Objectives of MRCP

The MRCP training course is designed by people working in pharmaceutical industry with the cooperation of professionals involved in medical and business education. Our role is as a training provider for those who are working as, or seeking to work as, medical representatives in pharmaceutical companies.

The MRCP provides an opportunity for medical representatives to expand their knowledge of selling and marketing Skills, to discuss and share their experiences with professional colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry, to participate in social and sporting activities and to be part of an organization which is actively involved in the advancement of its member’s careers. Our membership is currently open  for all candidates, working  or seeking job  as medical representative  and pharmaceutical companies actively participating in  pharmaceutical business  having  business profile like Manufacturing , Drug development,  Import/Export , Marketing and Promoting  pharmaceutical’s products or involved in  sales and Distribution of  pharmaceutical or health-care products.

Basic objectives of MRCP are:

To facilitate entry into a career in healthcare sales for people without the appropriate qualification or experience

To provide Healthcare representatives with the market and medical (anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology) training required under the proposed Marketing Code of Practice Marketing of Healthcare Products.